Large Event Security Planning

Other Security Planning & Consulting services:


Strategos International has planned, coordinated, integrated, overseen and provided close quarters protection services for events ranging from 50 to 40,000 attendees at major indoor and outdoor venues. We understand that security and life safety issues must remain constant but also flexible as no event ever happens exactly as planned. Additionally we develop and implement major event security/safety plans based on first identifying the mission of the event and tailoring a solution that achieves the goal of overall “life safety” but also supporting and amplifying the mission of the event itself. The planning process includes overall security and life safety, contingency plans, platform protection, VIP close quarters protection, crowd management, credential management, access control, medical contingencies, law enforcement liaison, and pre-event briefs and training to ensure the successful delivery and execution of each plan related to that specific event.

Services that we offer include the following:

  • Special event physical, electronic, and operational security/safety planning
  • Security coordination with law enforcement, military and public service agencies
  • Crowd Management Staffing & Liaison (Access & Control)
  • Event venue security overlay design
  • Security checkpoint design
  • Spectator & staff security screening planning

We also offer other security and life safety services to further ensure the complete success of your event and protection of your guests, staff, vendors, sponsors, VIP’s, guest speakers and property:

  • Loss prevention planning (load in/load out)
  • Accreditation & ID planning
  • Credentialing (Access & Control)
  • Electronic security systems specification, design, training and support
  • Transport and logistics security
  • Readiness exercises & training