L.E. Consultation Services


Inflammatory culture influences in our society have increased “anti-police” perceptions by the public and subsequent caused dramatically increased scrutiny of law enforcement organizations.

Providing law enforcement agencies consultation, assessment and investigation services to assist them in providing real and community perceived transparent, fact and data based counsel and information to achieve effective, respectful and publicly accountable policing to their respective communities.

“Reality is Irrelevant; Perception is Everything!” – Terry Goodkind

Providing these services to law enforcement agencies in an independent, fair and objective manner allows law enforcement and city leaders to eliminate one of the most common objections and accusations heard in our communities and from the media . . . “How can they investigate or honestly evaluate their own actions?”

We endeavor as a high priority throughout the process to provide these services to the agency and the community in a manner that also does not interfere with the agency’s positive work environment for employees. Evaluations, assessments and investigations are completed using current and retired law enforcement subject matter experts according to current contemporary and best practice policing standards.

  • Assessment – The honest evaluation of quality and ability of a person or organization to identify and provide confirmation of proper processes as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Investigation – A systematic and thorough attempt to gather facts and evaluate them in context and obtain information to form a defendable conclusion


Strategos can provide the above services to your agency based on either incident based or retainer based basis. Contact us today for more information.