Corporate & Facility Security Planning/Site Surveys

Other Security Planning & Consulting services:



Strategos can assist your company in developing a plan and implementation strategy that aligns with your organization’s particular mission, culture, philosophies, strategies, goals, programs, and processes. We will conduct a risk assessment that will outline the risks and then formulate appropriate mitigation strategies. We will provide recommendations for tested, real-world solutions based on:

  • Conducting an effective, efficient assessment of the site and security personnel, addressing the particular needs of your organization’s geographic as well as employee and customer demographic and work environment.
  • We will assist you in making decisions about security philosophies, strategies, related to access control, workplace violence, visitor and employee card management, physical security, lighting and landscaping and prevention and response policy & protocols.
  • Interview executive and security management to determine their goals & objectives related to security, concerns, vulnerabilities and then educate them on implementing the proposed solutions from both a hardware (equipment) and software (training) perspective.
  • Use all gathered data to construct and finalize the Security Master Plan and then implement it into the overall structure of the organization.

We have comprehensive understanding and experience that we will leverage on your behalf to design and execute a highly effective, flexible, effective and tailored security program.

  • We will assess risks of violence, theft, fraud, and other security threats and subsequently gauge their potential impact on your business
  • Determine what existing crisis prevention, management, and recovery programs are in place and then make subsequent recommendations for improvement of existing or development of non-existing programs.


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