School Intruder Response



This 4 hour OR 8 hr. course is designed to bridge the gap between responding officers and school faculty, administrators and other school personnel in an active shooter situation. The course is designed to assist school personnel in their ability to: prevent; report; and protect themselves and their students from an active shooter during the critical moments while waiting for a police presence to arrive and what to expect from the officers once they are on scene. It is also designed to provide law enforcement officers with the necessary skill sets and mindset to properly respond to these extremely difficult situations.

This course will be broken into two modules. The first portion will be a classroom portion covering the following areas: Overview and historical examination of active shooters; an examination of lessons learned; Behavioral pre-cursors; threat assessments; School lockdowns; what to do when a lockdown fails and Rapid deployment response by law enforcement personnel. The second portion will be a four hour practical hands on training block for law enforcement consisting of drills and exercises. During this block school personnel are encouraged to participate in order to practice the school lockdown & lockdown failure protocols in conjunction with the law enforcement response.

A walk through of the school and classrooms to cover the safe areas of various rooms and what makes them the safest area.

  • Discussion and hands on practice of lock down concept
  • What to do if a lock down fails
  • Secondary exit points
  • When to get out and why
  • How to fight back in case of a lock down failure including improvised weapons
  • Final exercise with the LE students with the opportunity to practice the various levels of lockdowns, lockdown failures and evacuation principles covered in the class and hands-on portion.
  • Recognize and understand phenomenon of “Normalcy Bias” and training relative to overcoming this phenomenon
  • Understand sensory based decision making and how it affects proper and improper response to the crisis

Additionally we can conduct and evening seminar titled “Parent’s & Community’s Role to the threat of School Active Shooters” on same evenings as the course for parents and community members. Historically these have been very well received and go a long ways towards giving parents and the community in general peace of mind that your school district is doing everything you can to prepare for this worse case scenario event. The format for these presentations is a 1 to 1 1⁄2 hour lecture in an assembly format that discusses history & demographics of these events as well as educating parents as to what they can do as far as discussions with their kids as far as the importance of sharing information with an adult if they hear something in the form of jokes or rumors. Additionally we emphasize the statistics and realities that overall schools historically are very safe places to be. These evening sessions for the community have been very well received. For more information on this course please visit

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