Healthcare Intruder Response Consulting & Training




If the “Core Mission” of a given healthcare organization is defined as “Deep commitment to the care and improvement of human life” then the mission of effective and comprehensive Healthcare Intruder Response training is “Prevention/Mitigation of a violent or potentially violent incident within the healthcare environment”

Objectives & Topics Covered
The objectives & topics covered are to provide healthcare leadership, management, security and front line personnel with information and strategies on recognizing and responding to the dynamic challenges and issues violent incidents within the healthcare workplace. Additionally the overall goal is to provide the course participant with guiding principles and strategies to recognize behavioral pre-cursors to threatening & potentially violent incidents. Additional goals that will be covered will principles and strategies to prevent, de-escalate & mitigate incidents of violence.

  • Recognize the frequency of violence in the healthcare industry in comparison to private industry
  • Identify & recognize risk factors that are inherent to the healthcare industry
  • Understand history & demographics violent incidents within the healthcare environment
  • Recognize on duty law enforcement capabilities in responding to these types of incidents
  • Understanding the importance of awareness, education & training for front line personnel.
  • Understand & identify prevention strategies to workplace violence
  • Understand and implement principles of a “lockdown” in the workplace
  • Identify strategies for “personal awareness & safety” for employees arriving and departing the workplace.
  • Understand and implementing verbal conflict conflict management & de-escalation strategies
  • Recognize and understand phenomenon of “Normalcy Bias” and training relative to overcoming this phenomenon
  • Understand sensory based decision making and how it affects proper and improper response to the crisis

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