Church Security Planning for Leadership Personnel



This course is intended for those in church leadership (i.e., etc.) to be provided with all of the tools needed to start a security ministry from nothing or to formalize and professionalize a security ministry already in place.

Additionally this course will cover the importance of constructing written plan and give step by step instructions how to do so. Putting a plan for your security ministry in writing is very important because actions in a crisis will be judged under the assumption that your team reacted subjectively. A written plan allows your ministry to counter these assumptions by stating that your team DID NOT react subjectively but instead reacted objectively based on a written plan, policies and procedures that had been trained to all staff and volunteers involved. An overview of constructing and outlining a “Mission Statement”, “Biblical Authority”, “Goals & Objectives”, “Risk Assessment”, “Planning Checklists”, “Code of Conduct” and “Policies & Procedures” for your written plan are covered.

Additionally this course covers the following topics during this eight hour session:

  • Justification of a Safety & Security Ministry
  • Overcoming Objections to Protecting the Flock
  • Statistics & Trends of Crimes Against Churches
  • Challenges & Realities of Response “In Progress” Crimes
  • Armed vs. Unarmed – Pros. Vs. Cons of Armed vs. Unarmed Security Personnel
  • Personnel Selection for Security Ministries
  • History & Demographics of Violent Events in Churches
  • Active Shooter Response (Security Response vs. Leadership, Staff & Volunteers)
  • Working w/ Local Law Enforcement
  • Overview of Threats to Ministries (Intruders, Secular Extremists, Protestors, Disgruntled)
  • Pastoral/Platform Protection – Overview & Considerations
  • Physical Security Checklists & Considerations
  • Offering Collection, Protection, and Transport
  • Establishing a Medical Ministry –Overview & Considerations
  • Liability – Overview & Considerations
  • Ushers, Greeters & Parking – Including them in the Security Ministry Mission
  • Nursery Security & Safety Procedures
  • Radios & Communication Protocols & Selection
  • Developing an Outreach for Protectors – Law Enforcement, Military, Medical and Fire

All attendees receive a 75+ page workbook, risk assessment worksheet, physical security checklists & template sections for the written plan.

Who should attend?

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Business Administrators
  • Facility managers
  • Security Directors
  • Children’s Directors
  • Security Team Members
  • Staff Leadership
  • Elder