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As injured worker surveillance specialists we recognize that employee injury fraud represents a steep cost to small business budgets today. Worker injury fraud drives up budgets, decreases productivity and impacts staff morale.

We put highly skilled fraud investigators in the field to conduct surveillance on employees with injury claims. Our extensive experience in exposing injury fraud gives us the advantage when combating this growing area of abuse. The evidence and testimony we provide insures that the investment in the fraud prevention pays off for the employer.

Q: My employee quit and is now claiming a work injury, can you prove he is not injured?

One of the common patterns of fraud involving injured workers is the quitting the job and simultaneously claiming to have been injured. By quitting the claimant can avoid ongoing scrutiny. In many cases it frees them up to move on to another job while claiming they are unable to work.
The good news is that often these fraudulent claims do not involve overly sophisticated people. They may lay low for a matter of days or weeks, but sooner or later they will get restless or hard up for cash and either venture out back into the work force or start to do prior normal activities such as sports, home auto repairs or yard work.
We put experienced surveillance investigators in the field to observe and follow your ex-employee and document their activities. We know how to stay close enough to get the damaging evidence and far enough away to not be observed. We collect video evidence that when combined with the agent’s testimony will prove the fraud is taking place.

Q: My work comp insurance company will not investigate a fraudulent injured worker claim, can you conduct surveillance for me?

Many times when a business owner or manager suspects worker injury fraud they can be frustrated by the reluctance of their worker compensation carrier to conduct surveillance to watch and follow the suspected employee. We can help you conduct your own insurance fraud investigation using the same skill and techniques that we do for the worker compensation insurance companies.
If you believe you are the victim of a fraudulent injured worker claim and you do not have an worker compensation insurance company that you believe is not adequately pursuing the fraud, you may want to consult with your legal counsel or an attorney familiar with these matters to help you strategize your response. Then they can advise you as to the best course to implement our injury fraud surveillance skills to defeat the claim.

Q: My employee is claiming they are sick a lot and going to the doctor, can you follow them to see what they are up to?

If you have an employee who you think may be abusing sick leave or missing work for non-existent medical appointments you will want to hire a private investigator to follow them and see what they are up to. The investigator will conduct surveillance and obtain video evidence to document their activities.
It’s important to hire an experienced surveillance investigator because they know how to follow and observe people without being noticed. If you send out an amateur such as another employee or a friend to do this on your own, you risk being discovered and you could expose yourself to possible civil liability because following someone without a private investigators license can be considered stalking. In addition the experienced private eye will be aware of what is needed to collect effective evidence that stands up in court should the matter ever be litigated.
Of the suspected activity of the employee is hard to predict in advance then you need to hire the private investigator in advance and retain them to work on your case. Then if the employs begins suspected activity on short notice you can call the investigator and provided the scheduling permits have them get on the surveillance on short notice.


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