Making Your Workplace Secure: Swipe Cards, Controlled Access and Empowering Employees

You can’t build a fortress, but you can create a secure office and work environment.

In this edition of Maximum Security, Strategos International’s Mark Warren explains the most important things you can do to make your office or workplace secure. Do you need more than swipe badges and a deadbolt lock? The short answer: You don’t need to be Fort Knox, but diligence is required. Mark discusses:

• What role does access control, including visitor management, have in reducing the risk of workplace violence?
• How can you make visitor management work in a high-traffic, semi-retail environment where you have people coming and going all the time?
• Short of building a fortress, what are some practical, budget-friendly steps that can be taken to secure a workplace?

Strategos International is your resource for intruder response training, security consulting, executive security and education. We specialize in protecting people and property from the threat of intruders. We’ve helped thousands of clients create more secure environments in businesses, churches, schools and other public spaces.


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